Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wildlife, Minneapolis Style

This past fall, I heard that the otters are back. This is not a children's professional hockey team, I mean actual river otters, of the playing and frolicking variety. They have apparently colonized an area of the Mississippi River right in the middle of Minneapolis, not far from the bridge that fell, actually. In other words, right near where I work! This has led me to look for otters whenever daddywhumpus drops me off, and we drive along the river, and it has led me to plan a spring excursion where we look for otters. I have never seen one in the wild, and I. Love. Them.

They are indifferent about me.

This winter's reports of a cougar in The Cities, yes, a MOUNTAIN LION, have me feeling similar things, albeit from the safety of my car. As I don't own a small dog, my cats stay indoors, and I have a modicum of common sense, the idea that a cougar is traipsing around NE Minneapolis, where many of the cool kids live, fills me with unwarranted glee. I hope that it can be found and moved before someone does something stupid, but I have never seen a cat in the wild, and I really, really want to.


jem said...

sign me up for the otter excursion! for i love them also, read the whole big book," An Otter's Story" when i was wee grade schooler.
I checked out the otter up at the Duluth Aquarium. not the same as in the wild, but we could be within inches of each other, albiet, separated by glass pane.

gburnett said...

Hey Kitty,

If you do find a good place to watch them, let me know! It'd make a great geocaching site (http://www.geocaching.com/).

Greg in Dodge Center