Thursday, February 25, 2016

Community Art!

As I have drafts upon drafts laying about in journals, steno notebooks (yeah, you heard me), and various applications, but can't seem to focus, here's some more art. This is a donated piece for my son's public school. Our PTA plans to use it in promotions and fundraising. It was a more challenging map than my usual works, which as significantly smaller and usually fantasy-based, and therefore more forgiving. I loved working on it (it took about 70 hours), and I have plans for two more larger-scale, map-type works that I won't begin until mid-March. I'm looking forward to it!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Happy Holidays

I finished this on December 25th and everything, but didn't get it scanned until last weekend. But as we still have our Christmas tree up in the living room and holiday videos by the TV, and I don't have to start my annual Atheists' War on Christmas for at least six months, I'm posting this now.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

This started as a tweet

When republicans say "Make America great again," they are implying that America is not, presently, great. Like those low points during, say World War II when we imprisoned our fellow citizens in concentration camps because they were of Japanese descent, or when we were persecuting fellow citizens for their political beliefs in the 1940's and 50's. What is their evidence for America's current lack of greatness?

I think America is pretty great; we get a lot of things right. I could offer some tweaks, but my issues are (in no particular order, and in no way comprehensive): wealth and asset inequality, poverty, racial justice, education equality, continued LGBT equality, campaign reform and voters' rights, environmental protection and reclamation, thoughtful and rational foreign policy, gun safety and control, utilizing evidence-based policies for effective government intervention, and a pony for everyone.

I'm guessing these are not the same issues been discussed at a GOP rally. 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Dear Tim Gunn,

I know you are concerned that, if I am watching a fashion show or looking at an ad campaign featuring a transwoman, who you insultingly call "a tall, skinny guy with no hips" (see P.S.), there's no way I can "project [my]self into those clothes," but just so you know, there's already no way I am projecting myself into those clothes, transwoman or no, so don't you worry your pretty little head about it. If I see a transgender model in an ad campaign, I won't lose all touch with reality or somehow disconnect with the world of high fashion.

When I look at Vogue, I am being sold envy and the unattainable. I am being sold someone I have never and can never be, and I am being sold the desire for and the knowledge of all that I am not.

Reality isn't a concern when it comes to fashion.

If you think that using transgender women as models is using "basically adolescent-shaped boys or men in women's clothes" (again, see P.S.), I'd like to know what you think the fashion industry is doing now? Because I don't see many curvy, size-6 cis-women walking down the runway, let alone someone size-8 like me. At size-2, 5'9", and 110 pounds, most fashion models do not resemble the women you see walking down the street.

The cis-women who dominate high fashion are already decades younger, dozens of pounds smaller, inches taller, and infinitely wealthier than I. In any given runway or print situation, they are wearing items worth significantly more than my average yearly expenses. Their body shape, life experience, and facial features in no way reflect back on me. Except for the fact that they are overwhelmingly white.

But if I know that a company has chosen to hire a few of my transgender sisters, then I can at least begin to believe that they recognize that there is a breadth of female experience beyond what they constantly sell me, even if the models themselves are still size 2, 5'9", and 110 pounds.

Also, Tim, have you ever SEEN any transgender women?



P.S. You need to check your language when you talk about transwomen.
I'm no expert, and I am still learning, but please.

P.P.S. That's Carmen Carrera, former RuPaul's Drag Race contestant, model, and performer, modeling something I can never project myself into.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Republicans close War Memorial. Then Republicans stage photo op where they help Veterans get into closed War Memorial they closed. Then Republicans complain to America about closed War Memorial they closed.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

From this day forward...

I admit it. I cry at weddings.

But I am usually present.

I am there in the park/church/bar/garden/inn to witness the ceremony. See the bride or groom; hear their words; experience their emotion.

This is different, and it has been happening with increasing, joyous regularity: looking at pictures from all over the country of same sex couples exchanging vows, getting married, pledging themselves to each other in full sight and approval of family,and friends... and the law.

This time, it’s personal.
Image not mine. From The Star Tribune. Linked below.
Minnesota has joined the ranks, and the resultant photographs are as exultant, poignant, and beautiful as all the others I have perused, hoping that some day, I would see my state embrace marriage equality.

These are the happiest of tears, and my marriage means more to me now than ever.

Full, unreserved congratulations to all couples married today and in the coming weeks, months, and years. Welcome and congratulations to those married in other states who are now, also, married here.

Thank you, citizens, lawmakers, and organizers of Minnesota.

And we’ll get there, United States of America. There’s still work to do.

You know what I mean.

Let’s get federal.

Star Tribune

Pioneer Press


Time Magazine

Star Tribune2

Keith Ellison

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Which is it?

Hey, conspiracy people! Is the government incapable of organizing a piss-up in a brewery, or is it single-handedly masterminding large-scale attacks against its own people?

Choose one, because I don't think you can have both.


Go feed the homeless or something.

Or are they a false flag, too?