Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Age of Austerity

Age of Austerity?

This is the term being bandied about in the media.

We are living in a new Age of Austerity.

Get it, America? The party is OVER. No more philandering and hoarding for you. No more giant profits, no more tax breaks. Welcome to the new normal, where everyone has to sacrifice (Right? RIGHT?!).

The Age of Austerity.

Screw that. Most of us are not living in a Wharton novel, and a nice little title that makes this sound sexy and elegant is not going to change that. I guess "Age of Public Austerity, " "Age of Middle Class Austerity?" and "Austerity! Now, with more Poverty!" were not considered, and "Age of Fleecing the 99% in the open, now that America no longer cares about evidence, data, and facts and is convinced that civil servants are the problem" is a bit too long.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

School Votes

Voters approve 70% of all school referenda; many raise own taxes

Can we set up a comparison to provide data on what happens to schools who got a "yes" and schools who got a "no"?