Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm a Joiner! Who knew?

Turns out, I can go to organized events that include people I don't know. In the past two weeks, I have been at two such events, both of which were organized by MNAtheists. For those of you who think that the words "organize" and "atheist" don't belong in the same sentence (see: organizing atheists/herding cats), I'll tell you, these non-believers can put together events. Lots of them. My calendar is often riddled with events, most of which I am unable to make (see: my other blog), but aside from the Creationism debate, I had not made a single one.

Two weeks ago, the whumpus family went on a trip to the Children's Museum. We met new people, who we liked, and no one asked us where we go to church. Plus, babywhumpus got to run around and touch stuff and play and play and play. It was excellent. Then last Thursday evening, I went to a Newbie Night. They have these periodically for people like me. I expected a free-for all with coffee. What I got was an organized small group meet and greet, which produced interesting conversations with a variety of people.

It was great. I am normally opposed to most forms of organized fun, and at first, I felt very nervous upon finding that there was a process and something that closely resembled teams, but I stuck with it.

I have the lists of questions, and they will make for good blog-fodder when I am avoiding work or otherwise meandering in my constructive pursuits.

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