Monday, January 4, 2010

resolution one

I think I would like to try to visit all of the national park service sites within 200 miles of my house. I went to Find a Park, and found that I have five:

Effigy Mounds in Iowa
Apostle Islands in Wisconsin
Pipestone in Minnesota
Mississippi River in Minnesota*
St. Croix in Wisconsin

*barely counts because it's right here in my city, and I would not need to make a travel weekend of it. This prompts me to search again...

A search of 250 miles adds Herbert Hoover, a National Scenic Trail, Ice Age, and Grand Portage.

I like this resolution.


gburnett said...

Hey Kitty,

That's an excellent idea! I didn't know about the FindaPark website, it's a nice resource. I think I'll join you!

Greg Burnett
Dodge Center, MN

Pat S said...

Of course your local park counts. I once spent several weekends exploring my own city and realised that because it's always there I had missed the fact that there were all sorts of interesting things to see.