Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baby, It's COLD Outside

When it’s -15 degrees outside, it’s time to put on a hat. Pretty goes out the window when it is this cold, and if you are getting on the bus wearing clothing more suitable to late October, I am going to judge you; there is little else to do on the bus than cast judgments upon strangers. I am not going to think how nice your hair looks when you get onto public transportation, not wearing a hat, when the “feels like” index is at -23. I am going to think that you are dumb and quite possibly deranged. After all, weather inappropriate clothing is often a sign of mental illness. You know what? Ladies, bring a brush to work or class and, if absolutely necessary, a small container of your favorite product. Be smart and warm. I understand that hat hair is a different kind of messy than product-dabbed finger-mussed, boys, but if you cast your vanity higher than your safety and comfort, were I single, I would find you silly and undateable. There is plenty of time in Minnesota to be weather appropriate and lovely, and January is generally not that time.