Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life Without Target, Part One

I needed a blender and a new food processor, one that would allow me to process things all at once instead of in small batches. I'm keeping the little red one, or Kevin, as he is fondly known, but something larger had to be acquired. My old blender is not very good at blending, which makes it not terribly useful. Plus, last time I used it, aside from not blending, there was that lovely smokey aroma electrical appliances get when their belts are fried (hence the not-blending).

Normally, this is a Target trip. As it happens, I had checked Target previous to my embargo, and knew that they did not have what I wanted. I stopped at the local foodie store, and they didn't have what I wanted, either. What was I to do?

Neighborhood hardware store!*

They have everything, in a smaller space, with more variety. It got my food processer and my blender. I am trying out one of those immersion/stick thingies that I had assumed were a fad, but several sources seem to swear by them. I admit, I don't totally understand them, but I have not tried it out yet. They did cost more, I am sure, but the experience was much more enjoyable and easier. I didn't have to deal with a parking lot or a hike to the door; no lines or shopping carts; fewer distractions; different brands. While I was there, I noted that they also have a kitchen trash can I want and had not been able to find previously.

So far, the only thing I am really wondering about is underwear. That's not really a consignment store/Goodwill sort of purchase...

*Ace-franchise, locally-owned. I don't see any information on opensecrets.org for the owners of this franchise, and Ace Hardware comes up with mainly individual donations in small amounts.

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sinned34 said...

You should have ordered a Blendtec blender.