Tuesday, March 23, 2010

They are praying for us, so no worries for a month

Nonbelievers out there will be happy to know that on April 1st, you will being prayed for in an organized, Facebook-y fashion complete with bullet points. Because we are fools. Participants in the "Pray for an Atheist Initiative" are told to:
  • PRAY for an atheist by name for one month
  • UNDERSTAND how people become atheists through resources (‘The Making of an Atheist’ by James Spiegel, professor of philosophy and religion at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana)
  • INTERCEDE through prayer for an atheist. College professor and former atheist, Holly Ordway, author of ‘Not God’s Type’, credits the prayers of her local church for her conversion to Christianity
  • ENCOURAGE other Christians through email and prayer who may have questions or have their own questions
I can't wait to see the Powerpoint.

I think it's nice that they are not just putting out a blanket prayer for all atheists, but picking one BY NAME for one month. All that concentrated prayer energy has more of a chance of turning a nonbeliever away from reason. The second bullet point is very important because everyone knows that one only becomes an atheist due to some sort of trauma or moral failing, and it's good that people are being encouraged to read. The third bullet point confuses me because I admit, it sounds very much like the first, and I am not sure how they are different. But that's probably just because I am a fool. The last one seems like something they are doing on Facebook all the time.

I think they missed an excellent acronym: PIE.

Everyone loves Pie.

I'd become a fan of Pie or Pi before I even realized what I had gotten myself into.


Anonymous said...

in a past life...i knew jesus...
before he was a superstar...and lemme tell ya...he wuddint all dat on the playground!


gburnett said...

Woo hoo! Nothing better than keeping Xtians busy talking to themselves for a whole month! Now if we could only get them to stay inside and do the same thing all day on November 2nd...

kittywhumpus said...

You know, I often think the same thing. I suppose that's very undemocratic of me, eh?

gburnett said...

Not at all! As long as they keep their crazy asses to themselves, and don't vote or get on my school board, then I don't care about them. Although I do worry about their kids - a lot of fundies are abusing their children with their beliefs.