Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hitchens on Palin (Now THERE'S an image)

It's an interesting piece, I think. Not the least because it told me that someone actually wrote an entire book entitled "The Persecution of Sarah Palin." The poor dear. I missed the part where she was being persecuted. It must have been between her million dollar book deal, her appearances on Oprah and Leno, and her presence on Fox News.

Oh, to be persecuted in such a way. I could re-do the kitchen and stop worrying about day care expenses.

But the salient quote I get from Mr. Hitchens' piece is this:

"But the problem with populism is not just that it stirs prejudice against the 'big cities' where most Americans actually live, or against the academies where many of them would like to send their children. No, the difficulty with populism is that it exploits the very 'people' to whose grievances it claims to give vent."

So sad. So true.

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