Saturday, March 29, 2008


We usually have something to do and somewhere to be, and a lot of this vacation is on a time schedule, but it has not felt overly restrictive or painful, which is both amazing and good. I am going to ascribe that to the laid back attitude of the islands and my desire to emulate it.

Sometimes, it even works.
After we had coffee and breakfast, we trekked south to meet the wedding party at the Fairmont, which is a big, posh, rather obnoxious resort in Wailea. While it was open and lovely in the lobby area, with marble floors, wooden accents, and statuary, I felt a bit like I was in Vegas without the gambling. It does not help that I am genuinely uncomfortable outside of my social class, regardless of the myth of a classless America.
The wedding party is small, and the guest list is around 40, so it's a rather intimate group. There were a few extra people at the rehearsal, partners like me and a couple of relatives, and it went pretty quickly, even though the wedding planner has trouble getting details out in a lucid, succinct, and helpful manner. I'm glad that I did not have to hear any of it, though I also kind of wish that I would have because it probably would make for good material.
On the way down to the wedding site by the sea with Matt, Sandi (wedding planner), and an uncle, she reminded Matt that, as the groom, his only job was to show up and be quiet. That kind of crap makes me crazy as it's hand-in-hand with the "all about the bride" nonsense, which I absolutely despise and would not allow to be applied to my wedding, but this is not my wedding, so I held my tongue. Wisely. I mean, is there a bride without a groom? I don't think so...

After the rehearsal, Paul and Linda (bro-in-law and sister of the bride) met us at Maui Tacos for lunch, and then we went south to Big Beach and some time by the ocean. It was warm and partly cloudy, and the beach was peopled but not overly crowded. Pete had some fun in the surf, and we read and relaxed on the sand. I went in for a little while just as we were leaving; I was on the beach most of the time with the stuff because you can't leave things unattended.

We headed back to the condo and got ready for the rehearsal dinner. It was the first time that I had dolled myself up in months. I had my dress from the experience at "Hot Mama," and my new silver sandals. Pete thought I looked really good. I was feeling rather large.
The rehearsal dinner was at another hotel south of us, in a restaurant with a great location and decor by the sea. They were walking around with trays of Mai Tais, which looked really, really good. My restrictions were beginning to pop up. Indeed, they were being paraded about wherever I looked. When we ordered, I had to get stuff that I did not want because I could not have the prawns, I could not have the fish, I could not have the steak because I only eat it rare... I could not have the wine or the champagne. Pete could.

It's not going to get any less frustrating.

The salad was good, though.

We sat at the Kids' Table with the bride and groom, and it was a lively bunch, but by 9:00, I was starting to get tired. We made our goodbyes and our way home.

Tomorrow is wedding time.

I'm glad we are already married.

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