Monday, February 15, 2010

Ethical Chili

I just returned from my workplace's "13th Annual Chili-off." I came, I tasted, I voted. It was hard to choose and surprising how quickly one can fill up on what one thought was a small amount of food. Turns out, when you take that spoonful or two and multiply by 25, you get a couple of bowls of chili. Math, applied in daily life.

I didn't enter a chili, though a coworker and my husband thought I should. My reason? I don't really have a chili recipe that I made up all by myself and would feel free to enter into a contest and thereby possibly gain rewards and benefits through no ingenuity of my own. Reading a list, assembling ingredients, and applying heat does not equal "my chili."

During the competition, I asked one person which chili they voted for, and she responded "Well, I entered one, so I voted for mine." Which brought up another interesting character quirk of mine: had I indeed concocted my own chili recipe and entered the brew into the competition, would I have voted for myself? Most likely, no. I am in no doubt that I would have come across a chili I liked better, or differently, and I would have voted for it. Had I not come across a better chili, I still would have chosen what I felt was the best, barring my own.

I think about crap like this way too much.


Pat/Cranmere said...

I'm with you, I don't think I'd vote for myself.

gburnett said...

I agree as well; I just don't think voting for your own is right. If mine is good enough to win, it doesn't need my vote. Plus, there is likely to be some better chili there than mine. Now, if it was a cookie contest, then watch out!