Friday, September 4, 2009

Boys and Girls, the President of the United States

OK, America. Pull your head out.

At least, those of you who have your collective panties in a bunch over the POTUS wanting to address public school children on their first day of classes. Were I Mr. Obama, I would be screaming in the shower nightly over the hateful insanity running rampant through this country.

Can you imagine? You are thinking how nice it would be to welcome kids back to school, wish them luck, and remind them how important a good education is. You feel that, as the leader of the country who in fact has two school-aged children, it's your duty to be a good example.

And then this hot mess happens.

President Obama, I would like you to know that I wish my boy were old enough to be in school to hear your speech, and I might make him watch it anyway, even though he will be more interested in his blocks because he's only 15 months old.

To me, it makes sense for the POTUS to address school children, regardless of his political affiliation. He's the commander-in-chief; the man. Why should he not check in to say "Hi, how's it going? Good luck!" Like it or not, he was elected, he is the president, and if you think that a short speech is going to "indoctrinate" your children, like, say, into being better citizens or listening to their teachers or caring for their fellow students (OH, the HORROR), then maybe your children need some help in the critical skills department.

Anyway, weren't public school children being bussed to some McCain/Palin campaign events? Was that OK?

In my mind, if you are going to use public resources to transport public school children to campaign events, then you would have to take the same children to events from both sides and do critical thinking exercises with them, which would be educational.

Pres. Obama's desire to address public school children on the first day of classes is a different situation, in that he is the duly-elected President of the United States of America, though teachers could still use critical thinking exercises to get kids to consider issues. Like the whole controversy itself.

Mr. Obama is the president. Deal with it.

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Anonymous said...

We got an email from the principal stating that classes would not be watching it, it would be taped for later showing at the teacher's discretion.

I'm kind of sad I didn't tape it.

I finished listening to Ms. Miller. The guy I disagreed with I still disagreed with. He kept comparing this "concern" with the concerns the democrats had about President Bush "ruining the country"

Yeah, he was full of it. At least she hosted an even back and forth between him and the liberal commentator they had. Public media has a liberal bias my BUTT.