Monday, March 30, 2009

What I Learned on my First Day Out

"Today is the day Liberty died."

See, now, this is the great benefit of getting out and about in the world. Had I not returned to work today, I would not have been on the bus, and I would not have overheard this pronouncement by my bus driver. Today is the day Liberty died.


It it because, on this day in 1282, the Sicilians rebelled against King Charles the First? Or because in 1296, Edward the First sacked Berwick-upon-Tweed? Or maybe because in 1870, on March 30, Texas was readmitted into the Union.

It could be because in 1945, Russian forces invaded Austria. Or in 1972, the Easter Offensive began in the Vietnam War.


It's because The White House forced General Motors to oust its Chief Executive Officer.

Liberty: dead.

Methinks my bus driver is a drama queen.

Or a libertarian.

He thinks that now, the government will tell them how to build cars and what cars to build. Now, the government will install some bureaucrat who does not know anything about cars. And the dominoes of government incursion will continue to fall after that, I suppose. It's like the anti-marriage people saying that if we allow The Gays to get married, then people will want to marry trees and sheep.

Yeah, that's logical.

(and really, so what if someone wants to marry a tree. Or a sheep, if it gives consent.)

Here's the thing: during Mr. Wagoner's 9-year tenure as CEO, GM has suffered tens of billions in losses. GM has taken $17.4 billion in federal, which is all gone, and they want $16.6 billion more. That's taxpayer money, and if you want help from the government, you are going to have to play by some new rules. After all, when I want a loan, I don't get to make the terms. Oh, and I pay my loans back on time and in full.

This is not the death of liberty. Liberty did not die during the last Great Correction that started in 1929. Liberty will not die during this Great Correction. Liberty even managed to stay alive during President Bush's time in office. The government is not going to march into anyone's home and make them buy a Prius or a Zenn. Or marry a tree. This is all very unfortunate, but these companies made their beds, and now they have to lie in them.

Oh, and it happened yesterday, so yesterday was the day Liberty died.

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