Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"To Buy is to Give"

Lose weight while sitting on your ass on the couch!
Make money while sitting on your ass on the couch!
Look younger by wearing this creme while sitting on your ass on the couch!

And now, help the less fortunate by...


Yes, the answer to September 11 was: Shop! The answer to the economic crisis is: Shop! And now, we can fight terrorism, recession, AND poverty by: SHOPPING!

Governor Mike Huckabee and The Christian Baldwin are spreading the good news about the Christian Values Network. You sign up, shop through their website, use their credit card, and route money to the cause of your choice. Or, rather, the Christian Cause of Your Choice. A percentage of every Christian Purchase goes to CVN, and CVN gives 50% of that revenue to your designated organization, which must be a registered nonprofit Christian ministry, church or charity.

A quick scan of the website does not tell me what the Christian Values are, which I think would be helpful.

To be fair, which I know is not popular, this is not the only site of its kind. Other groups are raising money in this way, and it's all of the "do nothing and do something" kind of mentality, and I suppose that in some way, it does make sense. You are already going to shop, so why not give something while you do it? After all, I have a cell phone company that gives to progressive causes.

I guess it's the whole mentality that gets to me a little bit. If they really want to help, then any designated nonprofit should be eligible. Otherwise, it's really about expanding the flock, isn't it?

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