Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Church of Legendary British Comics

Burning a Koran is stupid. It's stupid and pointless and only serves to remind me of Nazis, even though that's a hyperbole that won't win me any arguments. "Where books are burnt..."

And getting all worked up and angry and even threatening death because someone stupid burned a Koran is stupid. It's stupid and pointless. Burning an effigy of the stupid person who burned a Koran is stupid. Burning the effigy with a picture of a member of the Monty Python comedy troupe attached to its face, because the stupid person and the comic have the same name, raises the stupidity to a comedy level that is worthy of the comedy troupe whose member's face you have attached to the effigy.

This is how one reaches sublime from stupid.

Even if its really just an accident.

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Brian M. said...

Oh my God, they're immolating Terry Jones! Well, at least they spared Michael Palin.