Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh, America

I am starting to become crushed under the weight of the collective American idiocy. It would be one thing if this idiocy were simple daftness, and we were leaving our keys in the freezer or forgetting our anniversary. But this idiocy is mean and hateful. It's willfully ignorant and proud of it. It's grasping, greedy, sniveling, and showing no signs of abating. This idiocy misleads with glee; it obfuscates while denouncing people who use words like "obfuscate." It glories in hypocrisy and revels in lies.

Our American Idiocy invites in its own doom and offers it tea.

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Brian M. said...

It's the most depressing reality in my 41 years on earth. To realize a country that once reveled in its intelligence and ingenuity now wallows in and celebrates its ignorance is absolutely spirit-crushing.