Sunday, May 3, 2009

Empathy: Look it up.

I think that it's time that some gracious and charitable person sent the Grand Old Party a nice dictionary. Perhaps they could make it a package deal and throw in a thesaurus.

Then they can look up words like "socialist," "communist," and "fascist," as well as a new one: empathy.

I did not know that empathy was a bad thing, but apparently, looking for an "empathetic" judge is just President Obama sending out code to all the subversive liberals that he's looking for an "activist" judge.

I had better get my resume together.

Hmm. Conservatives seem to think that there is a looming liberal conspiracy to seat judges who have an "agenda". Instead of deciding cases based purely on the law, these judges will be trying to legislate from the bench and affect policy. The great thing about humans is that we don't think deeply about things, so we hear something like that, and we think "Yeah, judges should not do that!" and we don't question whether or not it is actually happening or what the words mean, if they even mean anything.

It's as if conservatives are not at all interested in seating judges who have an "agenda." Of course they aren't. They just need to have their agenda. But what we have to remember is that in their minds, the presence of a conservative agenda equals no agenda.

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