Tuesday, April 14, 2009


One of my newsfeeds for my work blog uses the keyword “charity,” which means I have to wade through stories about Taylor Swift auctioning off her prom dress for charity, and Nicole Richie donating baby clothes to charity, and Michael Jordan’s locker being auctioned for charity, and I was thinking “Sheesh, can’t these people think of anything more useful to do?”

I mean, it’s not very hard to use something, say they touched it, and then give it to someone to auction.

Then I ran across this news item, in which former astronaut Senator John Glenn is auctioning off lunch with himself to benefit engineering and science scholarships.

If I had a million dollars…

Of course, I would spend the entire allotted time blubbering about how I used to live on “Friendship Drive,” in New Concord, Ohio, and that’s the same street he lived on, and I would rattle on about the early days of the space program, while my heart was about to explode from nervousness.

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