Monday, February 18, 2008

Knitting Cheater

When it comes to relationships, I am all about one man; especially now that I found the right one. I am a monogamist and proud of it.

When it comes to knitting, I am a whore.

My polyamorous knitting habits are well established and have been since I began this habit a year ago. I can't settle for just one project. I need many. Different yarns, different garments, different sizes.

On Saturday, I had four projects going.

Now I have seven.

It's Monday.

I was not feeling excited about the almost-done fingerless mittens. It's my third pair, and we are so comfortable together that it's boring. The patches baby blanket will be colorful and cute when it is done, but as a work in progress, it's just not that interesting. I did not feel like working on the socks that I probably should just break up with; they do not seem right, but I can't bear to let go. The lace pattern shawl takes so much concentration for what seems like so little reward, though the yarn is gorgeous. Pretty, but complicated, and I can't take it out in public because it needs all my attention, the diva.

I kept looking at the pile of new yarn. It was so tempting and sexy, hanging out over in the corner of the room, acting aloof and emitting an aura of promise. We had no past, no hang ups. The future was a bright palette of possibility. There were no expectations and no preconceived patterns of behavior. No conditioned responses or lamentable repetition. It could be whatever I wanted it to be.

I could not resist. The sage green baby alpaca grande is becoming the Carie Cropped Cardigan. The organic cotton is going to be a Circles and Stripes Stroller Blanket. And I dug out some remnant cotton to make a Chubby Bunny. The new Malabrigo and Worsted Magic are shaking their cute little butts at me, and the Trendsetter Dune and Malabrigo Chunky are practically panting for it, but they will all have to wait. I can only juggle so many...

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