Thursday, May 18, 2006

Notes for something later...

Of course, I am brilliant. I scheduled a gynecologist appointment for the day before my birthday and two days before my fake wedding, but I like to keep things organized, and this is when I have my yearly exam. I know, "overshare." But I need to scratch out a couple of notes here that I wish to write more about later:

1. Not only is my doctor a trustworthy and intelligent physician, she's adorable, politically liberal, and she wears cute shoes.

2. When I get pregnant, it will be deemed, medically, an "elderly pregnancy."

3. Tomorrow, when I wake up in the morning, by the time I have picked up Marina and Eva at the airport, I will be 36 years old. Technically, ending my 36th year and beginning my 37th.


I hope that I have the strength to make it to the stage when Marina calls me for my vows...

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